Creating original Native American Jewelry

I was talking with Isaac some time back about a magazine that I really liked.  Its called “departures”.  Its an Am Ex magazine and its whole purpose it just to show you really high end stuff (cars, jewelry, vacations, etc)  I enjoy looking at the ads.  As many of you know I am in marketing so I am always looking at different types of advertisements.  I like seeing the trends in the market place.

I thought that Isaac would want to do the same with some of the jewelry in the magazine.  He told me that he doesn’t like to look at other peoples jewelry to much because he doesn’t want to be overly influenced by it.  His goal is to create his own designs from his own dreams/thoughts/imagination.

I wanted to share that because I think there are many artists out there who do the exact same thing and that is what qualifies them as an artists in my book.  The “silversmith” can shape the metal which is really impressive but they don’t always see the designs in their minds eye year after year.  The artist has true inspiration that probably never dies as long as they are going about things in a healthy way (I mean not burning out).

True art speaks to you when you see it.  You know you are looking at something original and that means something.  If you are planning on buying a piece this year go for the art.  It will be timeless and you will take a part of the artists with you when you make the purchase.  That’s special.


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Native American Ring

The art of a high end ring is attention to detail and material.  It is an accessory that always grabs attention and after you’ve made a few hundred of them, the designs can often get a little harder to come up with.  So understanding the market is key (and that can be a guessing game for the best us).

I think by the time you are creating jewelry that “collectors” will want then you have a really good handle on the fabrication aspect of your art.

At this stage you know how to avoid heat scale, you know how to cut and shape your metal, and you understand compositions.

Unfortunately, the hardest obstacle (for many artists) to climb can be better materials.  Higher end collectors want the good stuff which means a higher grade of stone and shell.

Stones usually come in different grades.  The higher the grade, the higher the cost.  The higher the grade, the harder it is to come bye.  Usually there is some type of authentification from the owner of the mine.  This document shows your purchase and a date.  The cost difference can be in the thousands.  The general public usually only gets a low grade which gives you a 100 dollar ring.  The collector gets a $1500 – $5000 ring which fits the cost of the high grade stone.

The image above is a ring by Isaac Dial.  The materials used are – Ebony Wood, Grade A Mediterranean coral,  Fossilized Ivory, and Kingman Turquoise.  The design is original and the ring is custom.

The goal is to be unique but not to over the top (that isn’t always easy).  To much Turquoise, Coral, Ivory or Wood and you can loose part of your audience.  Its always a good idea to draw out the project before the construction actually begins.

Custom Jewelry is more than just an art, its a passion.  We hope you find that ring your looking for.  Its out there, you just have to go after it.  Good Luck.



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Native Americans in the Hamptons!! Turquoise on all white Sat.

This weekend the family had the privilege of attending the annual pow wow held on the Shinnecock Reservation.  This Pow Wow is one of the highlights of the year.  The weekend is full of good times and East cost collectors.  In this post we just want to say thank you to all the friends we have.

For those who do not know, at this Pow Wow “Wampum” is king.  The shell is well received in the North Eastern states because of its history with the shell.  For those who do not know the North Eastern tribes put the shell on the map.  Literally.  As traders came through on routes from one area or another, the shell would be used as currency.

The shell can be found up and down the Atlantic coast, but the largest and best shells are found in the colder waters.  The shell is a clam shell and polishes up so nicely.  Our family loves this stone and has used it in many pieces over the years.  To those who bought wampum jewelry from us this weekend.

If you didn’t get a piece of wampum jewelry from us this year.  Maybe we can show you something you will like next year.  Take care good people

Hi Hi – We thank you.  We hope you all have a good year.

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Native American Jewelry a vanishing art?

A few years back I had the opportunity to buy a large amount of jewelry at a wholesale price to sell on ebay and amazon.  These pieces were not ours and we did not try to sell them as if they were, but I was surprised how much non “Native American Jewelry” was available as I bought true Native American made jewelryd.

The work I am referring to was from China, the turquoise was chinese and the work wasn’t very good.  Please don’t misunderstand me, there are awesome jewelers in the country of China.  I have seen their work first hand, I know they have a ton of skill.  However what I saw was not very well done and so I make reference to it here.

My first thought was pretty plain.  This jewelry is going to kill the market and the art will die.  That same year was the first year that we attended the Santa Fe Indian Market.  My eyes were opened at that show.  Hearing about it doesn’t do it justice.  The scale of the show matches that scale of the artist.  It is a show case of talent for sure.

After that weekend, I changed my thoughts about the art fading away.  I now think it is bigger than ever, however there is a separation that is taking place.  You have the “big show artist”, and then you have the artist that create for the masses.  There is tons of talent in both arenas, but the “big show artist” doesn’t sell jewelry anywhere else.  He or she will work all year on just the 2-4 shows a year and then take orders from private buyers.  It actually really impressive.

Within our family we have both kinds of artist and I love the diversity.  We don’t really place a lot of our private buyer pieces on the, we usually post those on  If there is an interest then stope on in and look at some of what we are posting there.

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For Technorati


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The cost of Silver is going up!

So the other day we placed a shipment for silver.  The cost was approximately 400.00 dollars for a common order of silver for simple rings. When we opened the box we laughed and cried at the same time. The cost of silver was almost 10 times cheaper last YEAR.   That is crazy.

So what does that do to our venue of art.  Well we have a good guess.   The price in materials is really going to separate the random “one off” jeweler .   There are hundreds of “small” guys who will buy just enough silver to make about 4-8 pieces. With the price of silver going through the roof it will make it much more difficult to wholesale jewelry at any level.

Our goal is to keep Native American Jewelry affordable.  We have always wanted to give the customer an amazing product at a great price.  While other place are raising prices 40% we try to keep prices reasonably the same.  We hope that as you show you will be able to continue to find good deals.

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Native American Necklace | Coastal Fish design | Wampum

Custom Native American necklace by Isaac Dial.  Taking Native American jewelry to new places.  If you like the necklace then share the video.  Thanks much.

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Custom Bracelet – Inlay Turquoise, Wood, Coral, and jet….this is it!

I just wanted to post a bracelet that was recently finished that I really liked.  It is a new design and it is very original.  I hope you like it.  It is not longer for sale, but we are taking orders.  The bracelet sold for about 1200.00 dollars. Depending on what you would want it can be about the same or less.  In either case, it wore really well and it is very unique.  Turquoise jewelry is something that can really start to all look the same if you are not careful. We constantly try to reinvent ourselves.  I think its awesome when an artist can think outside the box.

No prefabricated elements

Attention to details

No prefabrication

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