Native American Jewelry for every buyer.

You know there are so many forms and levels of Native Jewelry.  As you travel around you may see Native American art in Canada, the Southwest, the East, and the South Eastern states.  There are many similarities, but there is a large number of differences also.   There is jewelry out there for the masses and jewelry for the collector. 

We plan on offering both kinds of jewelry.  Why you might ask, well the answer is pretty simple.  We are a family owned business and we all make different kinds of jewelry.  So each person’s jewelry takes on a different appearance and attracks a different client base.  Not all our jewelry is the same and we enjoy our difference.  However even though we will offer both kinds of jewelry, it is one of our goals to educate.  We want our client to know exactly what they are buying from us.

We want to teach (those who want to learn) people the difference between the good stuff and the every day stuff.  We consider it a wonderful world of art and history and hopefully as you visit our blog we will be able to show you what we mean. is a site started by a family of Native American Jewelers.  Some of us are better than others, but we all have a passion for the jewelry.  Through out the years we have met some amazing artists.  We have spent the majority of our lives at Native American gatherings and festivals selling our work.  As the years pass we learn more and more and we meet more and more people.  Unfortunately there never seems to be enough time to really educate the buyer. 

And there is such a small number of buyers that really know what they are buying.  Sometimes that can be bad.  We want the people who buy our jewelry to take a part of us with them.  However not everyone cares.  Often people want the cheapest thing they can find and that is ok too. 

So regardless of who you are, we hope you enjoy our work and our information.  We will do our best to post here regularly.  Some of it will be business and some will also be personal.  Since it is a family owned business it really can’t be any other way.



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