The work only Jeremy can do!

Heating the wire for earrings

I think in every job/craft/organization/”art there are tasks no one really wants to do.  These tasks are usually essential.  They usually take lots of time and have a number of steps, so they become really boring really fast.  In our little world of Native American Jewelry, no one wants the task of small less expensive earrings. 

Jeremy doing the dirty work.

Jeremy doing the dirty work.

Jeremy has been nominated to make the majority of our earrings.  He has been doing this task for the past 10 years or so.  Now you should know that Jeremy doesn’t like this job.  As you would guess these earrings seem to take for ever which could be Jeremy’s fault since he’s so slow.  When making them.  To make things funnier we usually need 20 pairs or so to make it worth the trouble. 

This topic is actually an on going joke in our family.  Our Father (Grant Dial) likes to take credit for these earrings as they sell but he is in a position to always makes Jeremy construct them. 

Here Jeremy is heating the wire that he will wrap around the bezel of the earring. Heating the wire for earrings

In this picture Jeremy is wrapping “half round wire” around the bezzel.  I will be adding additional pictures as the process goes on.  Right now they are still on the flat sheets, no stamping or cutting has taken place.  They have not been filed down and they have not been cleaned or polished.  This will help show at a closer look.

Earrings in the next step.
Earrings in the next step.

after the wire has been wrapped and placed on the bezel.  The wire then needs to be Soldered to the plate and bezel.  In this picture, you are able to see all the sets lined up and heated to take the solder.  The white liquid is a flux that is used to help the solder flow around the silver evenly.img_5036-721




I didn’t take pictures of Jeremy cleaning and polishing the jewelry, but I did take some pics of the final product.  So many people who see the finished product have no idea that it starts out in a raw form. 



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  1. Bonnie Hood

    Met Grant this year (though I had purchased from him before) at the Ocmulgee festival. I fell in love with the earrings so even if he doesn’t like “making” them, he has a beautiful touch. I was able to get some Christmas shopping done in addition to treating myself to a bracelet. I had a wonderful time spending the afternoon talking with Grant and Ed and although I didn’t get to make it back for the second day I promise I will be at Stone Mountain at least one day this year. See you in November!