Grant and Isaac are on their way to Brooklyn!

For those who are on your way, travel safe.  The small Pow Wow held (6/6-9/09) in Brooklyn NY is fun.   Held annually, it is a great place to find authentic hand crafted Native American Jewelry, pottery, carvings, paintings, flutes, etc.  Both Grant and Isaac have been hard at work preparing for this weekend.  Both have new pieces to show you, so stop bye and say hello.  You will find that Grant has a great deal more jewelry than Isaac because he is simply faster.  So don’t be taken off guard when you see the difference in quantity. 

My Dad likes to claim that Isaac is a better artist, but there is no doubt that Grant is the better Native American Silversmith.  He has so many more years of experience that he always knows the best technique to use on his work.  He just doesn’t get stumped on how to approach a specific piece of jewelry.  Dad usually uses more Wampum than Turquoise, but over the past few years he has begun to use more and more turquoise and I love the work he is doing.  His stamp designs are new and his designs are one of a kind.  He has reinvented his self for this year.

Isaac’s work will be all across the board.  He has begun to use leather along with his jewelry to create a more retro feel.  He is using shell that he has never used before and he has begun to create new textures and design.  So come ready to say hello and get to know the artist.  At this little Pow Wow there are so many really talented people who will have come from far and wide to show you their creations.



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2 responses to “Grant and Isaac are on their way to Brooklyn!

  1. Myra

    When are you bringing your work to Georgia next and where will that be?

    • redhandjewelry

      We usually attend the pow wow in Canton, GA. It is usually the 2nd or 3rd weekend in May each year. We tried a show in ATL last year and it didn’t go well for us so I don’t think we will return until Canton next year. We can set up a private showing online if you were looking for anything specific. Just let us know.