Something to be proud of!

Native American Turquoise Belt Buckle

Native American Turquoise Belt Buckle

Isaac recently finished some work that we took pictures of before he went to Brooklyn with our Dad.  I wanted to add it to our blog because so many times work is constructed, clean, polished and sold before we get any pics.  This belt buckle I thought was worthy of your attention.

Isaac did not purchase the belt it was cut and laced by him.  The lacing is done with senew and the entire buckel is custom work.  There is no prefabrication in it at all.  He left it open and without holes so anyone could purchase it.  The turquoise is Nevada.  The bezel is hand cut and stamped.  The Stamps used on the base plate are new from this year.  It is a new design for him.  He was really happy with the peice. 

Native American JewelryAs a person who has been around Native American Jewelry all my life I love the attention to detail.  When you look at this peice you will notice that it is very even and balanced.  The stamps are not all over the place.  Even the face of the silver itself does not have a haze or lots of scratches from an old neglected buffing wheel.  While many will not notice these things people who really collect nice Native American jewelry will look for this kind of attention to detail.

As I stated before when we first started this blog, one of the things that we wanted to do was educate.  Many people are fine with very basic Native Jewelry.  Others would like more but do not know what to look for or how to begin a collection.  We hope little threads like this help.


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