Christy Brinkley’s Jewelry!

So I thought it would be cool to post a highlight from a past pow wow.  Now I have a chance to show off some of the work done and a really cool picture at the same time.

Grant and Isaac do a pow wow in the Hampton’s area each year.  They meet some really cool people and the band of Indians there are really good to us.  So we feel comfortable extending an invitation to you too.  Come to the Shinnecock Pow Wow later this year if you have the chance.  Its fun, the weather is usually awesome, and it is a good way to get out and get some good air with a local tribe of Indians. 🙂

As you would guess there are some pretty popular people who show up and from time to time they really like your work.  They like it enough to make a purchase (and thats always a plus).  So here is a pic of Isaac and Christy Brinkley.  I have also included a jpg of her wearing his necklace.

Christy Brinkley Shinnecock Pow Wow

Christy Brinkley Shinnecock Pow Wow

The belt for the necklace.  It is still for sale!

The belt for the necklace. It is still for sale!



When you look at the necklace and the belt you can see why she made the purchase.  Even if you don’t

really like “Native American jewelry” the butterfly has a wide appeal.  The butterflys are cut by hand along with the border.  Each butterfly and notch is cut with a small saw.  Both are constructed with silver and the materiel in the center is coral and wampum (in the necklace).

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