1st place winner at the SWIA market 2009!

We feel so blessed, so excited, and so lucky to have won a blue ribbon atSanta Fe Indian Market Blue Ribbon the Santa Fe Indian Market this year.  For those who don’t know it is an amazing accomplishment.  There are so many talented people there.  Each year that I attend I enjoy walking around and looking at the Art created by so many talented people.  The Santa Fe Indian Market has such a rich history.  It really is one of the best shows in the world for Native American Art.  If you have never been I suggest you place it on your “bucket list”.

The box that was submitted was a project that took about a year from start to finish.  Along the way I wanted to submit photos, but I thought it wasn’t wise to let the box “out of the bag” so to speak.  I wanted to make sure that I didn’t create a less productive situation.  Essentially I wanted the first viewing of the box to really be the first viewing.  However now Native American Jewelry Boxthat the Santa Fe Indian market is over, I can post all the pics and information I want about it. 🙂

The box was a joint effort between Lyndon Tsostie and Isaac Dial.  In this project they both have more man hours than they care to count and when you look at the work you can really see both artist in the piece (that was important to Isaac). 

When Isaac first asked Lyndon to work on the box with him, he made sure to express to Lyndon the importance of both personal styles showing through.  Lyndon is pretty much the king of boxes, so Isaac was really excited when he humbly accepted the invitation.  Lyndon knew allIsaac Dial Lydon Tsostie the little things about making a box that Isaac would’nt have thought of.  So as you would guess Lyndon brought a great deal of experience to the creation/process of  the box’s development.

Isaac brought the design and the fabrication to the table.  For those who have seen Lyndon’s boxes before you can really tell.  It truly was a joint venture, both styles are very visible.  I considered it an honor to watch the process.  It was an amazing experience to watch two artist work so well together to form something so impressive. 

Isaac’s cut out designs and overlay created a feeling of depth and life likeness.  Lyndon’s inlay work speaks for it self.  He truly is a living Native American Jewelry Butterfly Boxmaster. 

The “Secret” sold before the Santa Fe Indian Market even opened.  They had a buyer waiting on the park bench who wanted it before she even saw the box.  She had heard from a friend that this was the piece for her collection. 

I had a chance to meet the buyer that morning and she is really impressive.  She has been collecting for sometime and she really knows her stuff.  I thought that was awesome, because this project had a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.  That kind of piece you want to find a good home.close up of the secret

Here are some general pics of the fabrication.  I thought it would be good to show some of the pictures in the lab.DSC_1067DSC_1066DSC_1072


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  1. Towanda

    You have created a beauty to behold. I love it! Can hardly wait to see the 2010 BOX!!
    (Photo and description defy words) Take care…