Custom Native American Jewelry

From time to time customers will ask about a custom piece of jewelry. To some degree all Native American Jewelry is custom if it truly made “by hand”. Where we have the difference is when you want the piece made for you to be made for you and only for you.

Usually whena piece is made for you and only you there is a very high mark up. When you leave with that design you take a part of the artist with you that is never shared with any other. Some believe you take a dream from that artist when have a “one of a kind” piece created. I don’t know how much stock some may put into that idea, but I personally believe it with a whole heart.

I know artist who get that “one of a kind” order and they think of it for months before they even start. They think of the buyer, they think of what they know of buyer and start thier process.

Most artist don’t really want to give that “one of a kind” piece away. They know it is a part of them and they really hate to see it go. On our site we really only show pics or slide shows of that work. We do not make them available in mass quantity because or our agreement with our buyers. On we make our jewelry by hand but only certain pieces will not be duplicated. We enjoy what we do on all our work, but the “one of a kind” pieces hold a special place in our hearts.

Let us start your piece today. Whether it is a small piece you see on our site of a drawing you send to use for a concept we will do our very best to make you happy.


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