The cost of Silver is going up!

So the other day we placed a shipment for silver.  The cost was approximately 400.00 dollars for a common order of silver for simple rings. When we opened the box we laughed and cried at the same time. The cost of silver was almost 10 times cheaper last YEAR.   That is crazy.

So what does that do to our venue of art.  Well we have a good guess.   The price in materials is really going to separate the random “one off” jeweler .   There are hundreds of “small” guys who will buy just enough silver to make about 4-8 pieces. With the price of silver going through the roof it will make it much more difficult to wholesale jewelry at any level.

Our goal is to keep Native American Jewelry affordable.  We have always wanted to give the customer an amazing product at a great price.  While other place are raising prices 40% we try to keep prices reasonably the same.  We hope that as you show you will be able to continue to find good deals.


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