Native American Ring

The art of a high end ring is attention to detail and material.  It is an accessory that always grabs attention and after you’ve made a few hundred of them, the designs can often get a little harder to come up with.  So understanding the market is key (and that can be a guessing game for the best us).

I think by the time you are creating jewelry that “collectors” will want then you have a really good handle on the fabrication aspect of your art.

At this stage you know how to avoid heat scale, you know how to cut and shape your metal, and you understand compositions.

Unfortunately, the hardest obstacle (for many artists) to climb can be better materials.  Higher end collectors want the good stuff which means a higher grade of stone and shell.

Stones usually come in different grades.  The higher the grade, the higher the cost.  The higher the grade, the harder it is to come bye.  Usually there is some type of authentification from the owner of the mine.  This document shows your purchase and a date.  The cost difference can be in the thousands.  The general public usually only gets a low grade which gives you a 100 dollar ring.  The collector gets a $1500 – $5000 ring which fits the cost of the high grade stone.

The image above is a ring by Isaac Dial.  The materials used are – Ebony Wood, Grade A Mediterranean coral,  Fossilized Ivory, and Kingman Turquoise.  The design is original and the ring is custom.

The goal is to be unique but not to over the top (that isn’t always easy).  To much Turquoise, Coral, Ivory or Wood and you can loose part of your audience.  Its always a good idea to draw out the project before the construction actually begins.

Custom Jewelry is more than just an art, its a passion.  We hope you find that ring your looking for.  Its out there, you just have to go after it.  Good Luck.




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