Creating original Native American Jewelry

I was talking with Isaac some time back about a magazine that I really liked.  Its called “departures”.  Its an Am Ex magazine and its whole purpose it just to show you really high end stuff (cars, jewelry, vacations, etc)  I enjoy looking at the ads.  As many of you know I am in marketing so I am always looking at different types of advertisements.  I like seeing the trends in the market place.

I thought that Isaac would want to do the same with some of the jewelry in the magazine.  He told me that he doesn’t like to look at other peoples jewelry to much because he doesn’t want to be overly influenced by it.  His goal is to create his own designs from his own dreams/thoughts/imagination.

I wanted to share that because I think there are many artists out there who do the exact same thing and that is what qualifies them as an artists in my book.  The “silversmith” can shape the metal which is really impressive but they don’t always see the designs in their minds eye year after year.  The artist has true inspiration that probably never dies as long as they are going about things in a healthy way (I mean not burning out).

True art speaks to you when you see it.  You know you are looking at something original and that means something.  If you are planning on buying a piece this year go for the art.  It will be timeless and you will take a part of the artists with you when you make the purchase.  That’s special.


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