Custom Native American Jewelry

From time to time customers will ask about a custom piece of jewelry. To some degree all Native American Jewelry is custom if it truly made “by hand”. Where we have the difference is when you want the piece made for you to be made for you and only for you.

Usually whena piece is made for you and only you there is a very high mark up. When you leave with that design you take a part of the artist with you that is never shared with any other. Some believe you take a dream from that artist when have a “one of a kind” piece created. I don’t know how much stock some may put into that idea, but I personally believe it with a whole heart.

I know artist who get that “one of a kind” order and they think of it for months before they even start. They think of the buyer, they think of what they know of buyer and start thier process.

Most artist don’t really want to give that “one of a kind” piece away. They know it is a part of them and they really hate to see it go. On our site we really only show pics or slide shows of that work. We do not make them available in mass quantity because or our agreement with our buyers. On we make our jewelry by hand but only certain pieces will not be duplicated. We enjoy what we do on all our work, but the “one of a kind” pieces hold a special place in our hearts.

Let us start your piece today. Whether it is a small piece you see on our site of a drawing you send to use for a concept we will do our very best to make you happy.


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How to Make a Native American Necklace – It takes Fire! Lots of Fire!

Here is a small series of Videos to show you the construction of a Custom Native American necklace made for an awesome customer.

Native American Jewelry – how to make part 1 from Jason Dial on Vimeo.

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Custom Native American Sterling silver and gold bracelet fro “D”!

In this post I wanted to add a small slide show to help the construction of a bracelet.  This is a customer.  She wanted a custom piece that really showed off her personality.  We are usind a flcker slide show to help with this post.


The Native American floral pattern is that of a Dog Wood flower in North Carolina.  There are some pictures of steps that I cannot find, but I think it still shows some really cool shots of the construction.  If you are interested is something please feel free to contact us.  It is never to early to start your Holiday shopping.

Remember cutting the stone (turquoise, coral, wampum, onyx, etc)  and the silver takes time.  So you will need to plan on giving us a little time base upon what you might be looking for.

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1st place winner at the SWIA market 2009!

We feel so blessed, so excited, and so lucky to have won a blue ribbon atSanta Fe Indian Market Blue Ribbon the Santa Fe Indian Market this year.  For those who don’t know it is an amazing accomplishment.  There are so many talented people there.  Each year that I attend I enjoy walking around and looking at the Art created by so many talented people.  The Santa Fe Indian Market has such a rich history.  It really is one of the best shows in the world for Native American Art.  If you have never been I suggest you place it on your “bucket list”.

The box that was submitted was a project that took about a year from start to finish.  Along the way I wanted to submit photos, but I thought it wasn’t wise to let the box “out of the bag” so to speak.  I wanted to make sure that I didn’t create a less productive situation.  Essentially I wanted the first viewing of the box to really be the first viewing.  However now Native American Jewelry Boxthat the Santa Fe Indian market is over, I can post all the pics and information I want about it. 🙂

The box was a joint effort between Lyndon Tsostie and Isaac Dial.  In this project they both have more man hours than they care to count and when you look at the work you can really see both artist in the piece (that was important to Isaac). 

When Isaac first asked Lyndon to work on the box with him, he made sure to express to Lyndon the importance of both personal styles showing through.  Lyndon is pretty much the king of boxes, so Isaac was really excited when he humbly accepted the invitation.  Lyndon knew allIsaac Dial Lydon Tsostie the little things about making a box that Isaac would’nt have thought of.  So as you would guess Lyndon brought a great deal of experience to the creation/process of  the box’s development.

Isaac brought the design and the fabrication to the table.  For those who have seen Lyndon’s boxes before you can really tell.  It truly was a joint venture, both styles are very visible.  I considered it an honor to watch the process.  It was an amazing experience to watch two artist work so well together to form something so impressive. 

Isaac’s cut out designs and overlay created a feeling of depth and life likeness.  Lyndon’s inlay work speaks for it self.  He truly is a living Native American Jewelry Butterfly Boxmaster. 

The “Secret” sold before the Santa Fe Indian Market even opened.  They had a buyer waiting on the park bench who wanted it before she even saw the box.  She had heard from a friend that this was the piece for her collection. 

I had a chance to meet the buyer that morning and she is really impressive.  She has been collecting for sometime and she really knows her stuff.  I thought that was awesome, because this project had a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.  That kind of piece you want to find a good home.close up of the secret

Here are some general pics of the fabrication.  I thought it would be good to show some of the pictures in the lab.DSC_1067DSC_1066DSC_1072

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Native American pendant – Sterling Silver and Gold


Originally uploaded by longwisker

Here is and example of texture use. The background is textured to give the piece some depth. The background helps the details show up better. Here you can see the gold leafs and flower center. You can see the legs on the lady bug. All because of the use of texture.

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July is an awesome time to make Native American Jewelry.

American Indian sterling silver women's belt buckle

American Indian sterling silver women's belt buckle

Isaac is on his way to Queens NY this weekend.  Grant is going to another pow wow in a different area.  July is a pretty busy time for Isaac.  For him everything around this time of the year revolves around the Santa Fe Indian Market.  Since his Native American jewelry is always evolving, I thought I would show you some of the things he has been working on.  These are a couple of pieces that I really enjoyed watching the fabrication of. 

In the world of Native American jewelry there are a number of different niches.  Very few artist ever attempt more than 2-3 of them.  Some  artist will become familiar with them, but they rarely master  more than 1.  We are not a master at any of them, but in a conversation last year Isaac said that he wanted to become better at his stamping and textures.  The belt above is an example of both.  He has created a contemporary design that has both stamping and texturing involved.

American Indian Flower pendant
American Indian Flower pendant

The pendant to the right is an example of texturing more than stamping.  The flower is cut out of 16 guage sheet.  The accents are also cut out and some are gold.  The center of the flower is gold  and the leaves in the design are gold.  The texture behind the flower is a silver dust that has been antiqued to create a feeling of depth.

I wanted to show both cause I think he has done a wonderful job over the past year becoming familiar with both niches.  I also think the lady bug on the pendant adds some real attention to detail. 
Both pieces of Native American jewelry have already ben sold.  I do not know if Isaac will make another of either, but if you are curious please contact us. 

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Grant is going to Virginia! Isaac will be in NC! Jeremy will be in Ft. Dueschene!

This year the three Artists will be in seperate places.  Usually my family can be found in Pembroke North Carolina this up coming weekend.  We always sell our jewelry to friends and family in the park.  We attend our little local pow wow and renew many friendships, but this year we are shaking things up a bit. 

Grant will be in VA.  We have always heard that VA is for lovers, well lets hope all of those lovers are interested in buying some Hand Crafted Native American jewelry. 🙂  The show is supposed to be very large.  The prediction of attendance is over 100,000 peoople.  So if you are in the area (of Norfolk) stop bye and say hello.  We would love to sit and chat for a while.

Isaac has chosen to be in NC for the 4th.  However he has discussed the idea of doing both.  So don’t be surprised if Isaac tries to attend both.  He is a young single man who is always up for large crowds and the opportunity to meet a potential Mrs. Dial.  He has been working on some new pieces and is hoping for a great show.

Jeremy will be pow wowing in Ft. Dueschene Utah with I.  We will sing, dance, and sell.  Hopefully it will not be to hot and we hope to hear some awesome music this weekend.  If I am not mistaken, I think the two host drums will be Cree Confederation and the Blacklodge Singers.  Both are awesome groups.

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Christy Brinkley’s Jewelry!

So I thought it would be cool to post a highlight from a past pow wow.  Now I have a chance to show off some of the work done and a really cool picture at the same time.

Grant and Isaac do a pow wow in the Hampton’s area each year.  They meet some really cool people and the band of Indians there are really good to us.  So we feel comfortable extending an invitation to you too.  Come to the Shinnecock Pow Wow later this year if you have the chance.  Its fun, the weather is usually awesome, and it is a good way to get out and get some good air with a local tribe of Indians. 🙂

As you would guess there are some pretty popular people who show up and from time to time they really like your work.  They like it enough to make a purchase (and thats always a plus).  So here is a pic of Isaac and Christy Brinkley.  I have also included a jpg of her wearing his necklace.

Christy Brinkley Shinnecock Pow Wow

Christy Brinkley Shinnecock Pow Wow

The belt for the necklace.  It is still for sale!

The belt for the necklace. It is still for sale!



When you look at the necklace and the belt you can see why she made the purchase.  Even if you don’t

really like “Native American jewelry” the butterfly has a wide appeal.  The butterflys are cut by hand along with the border.  Each butterfly and notch is cut with a small saw.  Both are constructed with silver and the materiel in the center is coral and wampum (in the necklace).

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