July is an awesome time to make Native American Jewelry.

American Indian sterling silver women's belt buckle

American Indian sterling silver women's belt buckle

Isaac is on his way to Queens NY this weekend.  Grant is going to another pow wow in a different area.  July is a pretty busy time for Isaac.  For him everything around this time of the year revolves around the Santa Fe Indian Market.  Since his Native American jewelry is always evolving, I thought I would show you some of the things he has been working on.  These are a couple of pieces that I really enjoyed watching the fabrication of. 

In the world of Native American jewelry there are a number of different niches.  Very few artist ever attempt more than 2-3 of them.  Some  artist will become familiar with them, but they rarely master  more than 1.  We are not a master at any of them, but in a conversation last year Isaac said that he wanted to become better at his stamping and textures.  The belt above is an example of both.  He has created a contemporary design that has both stamping and texturing involved.

American Indian Flower pendant
American Indian Flower pendant

The pendant to the right is an example of texturing more than stamping.  The flower is cut out of 16 guage sheet.  The accents are also cut out and some are gold.  The center of the flower is gold  and the leaves in the design are gold.  The texture behind the flower is a silver dust that has been antiqued to create a feeling of depth.

I wanted to show both cause I think he has done a wonderful job over the past year becoming familiar with both niches.  I also think the lady bug on the pendant adds some real attention to detail. 
Both pieces of Native American jewelry have already ben sold.  I do not know if Isaac will make another of either, but if you are curious please contact us. 

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